Monumenti Aperti in Arbus 2018

The wonderful initiative "Monumenti Aperti"  is back. Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May you can visit the most important monuments and museums in Arbus. An evocative journey throught art, culture, archeology and history. In the urban center of Arbus you can visit: la Casa Museo del Coltello Sardo (The Knife Museum), located in via Roma n. 15 and the San Sebastiano Church in Piazza Immacolata, il Monte Granatico located near the church and the picture gallery of Floris Serra Vinci located in vico V Repubblica n.12. You can visit for the first time the archeological site of Cugui and in Ingurtosu will open the following monuments: Santa Barbara Church and Pozzo Gal. In Montevecchio you can see the Foresteria Dirigenti which houses the diorama collection. Excepcionally Sunday 13 May you can visit for free with the robber boat excursion the Torre Nuova (The New Tower), located in the military area of Capo Frasca. In this case we recommend you the telephone booking: 392 9581636 e 340 6428798. Visits to Capo Frasca will be from 9 a.m to 12 a.m and from 2 p.m to 4 p.m.