Pizza Restaurant Sa Lolla

Cucina Nazionale
Cucina Sarda
Specialità Carni
Specialità Pesce
Closing day: 
Via Libertà, 271, 09031 Arbus (VS)

Sa Lolla is a tipical restaurant where you can taste tipical Sardinian Dishes. This Restaurant in Arbus Filosohpy is to save old cooking ways and use genuine products which made Sardinian Cuisine very Special.

Toghether with Sardinian Dishes, this Restaurant in Arbus cooks the main Tipical Italian Dishes.

This Reastaurant can host about 70 persons and, in the summer, 30 more persons can dine in the external verana.


Here you can taste a Traditional Cuisine for which are used only local products as oil, wine, meat, fruits, vegetables and cheese. Local productions means genuine and fresh products that means quality and a better taste for our Sardinian Tipical Dishes.

Appetizers are various.

Among the first courses you can have Fresh Pasta with sea urchin eggs, Pasta with seafood, Pasta with clams from Marceddì, Pasta with mullet roe, Homemade Ravioli, Malloreddus with sausage ragout and Malloreddus with Goat Meat chunks.

Among the main Courses you can taste grilled veal meat, grilled donkey meat, grilled horse meat and roast pork.

There is a large selection of desserts including tipical Sardinian Sebadas accompanied with our homemade Mirtle Liqueur and other homemade liqueurs.

For Dinner you can enjoy a Pizza baked in a wood Oven.